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A few words from editorial stuff

Dear Reader

 We give into your hands the preview of the new magazine – “Universum – the world we create”. We believe, that everyone of us can choose whether he wants to create world surrounding him consciously or passively submits to external influences. Our magazine, promoted by this bulletin is predestined for people who do care about self-development and self-improvement, building stable long-term relations with other people, connected by positive attitude towards world.

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Wind in sails

Wiatr w żaglachDo you remember days of plain sailing – everything seemed so easy and simple, you wanted to move mountains and sing dancing at the same time…

How to recall this state of mind black?

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The magic of stress

Magia stresuIn most cases people see stress in negative way. “This is horrible! I can’t work in such circumstances” “This is too much for me – I’m going onto sick leave”. Coffee to wake up in the morning, pills for better sleep in the evening. All you have to do is to understand your reactions and realize that in specific circumstances stress can lead us to magnification of our possibilities. Have you ever thought about the model of stress that you use and what are the advantages  you can obtain from it?

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Just like butterflies...

tak jak motyle......according to Tom Hopkins

Years ago, when I was starting my career on the properties market I had luck of meeting Tom Hopkins – author of a few wonderful books, famous trainer and brilliant speaker. Tom was the one, who drew me not only towards my career ambitions but also to share my knowledge to other people.

The story about butterflies is one of his famous stories, which gives a good look at our life struggles…

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The tired jester on a king's throne
Frank FarellyTherapy process by Frank Farelly can be compared to the aliquot singing: the vocalist intones two sounds simultaneously  (one through his mouth, the second through nose resonator), which conduct two different melodies. The third sound comes out in the certain moment - independent, with its own melody, but closely-coupled with those two basic sounds. In the Provocative Therapy - Frank speaks for himself, internal voice speaks for itself and during that absolutely ingenious idea arises in mind.
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To mix business with pleasure

SitaApart from the phase of learning in the state of relaxation, also the phase of activation obtained knowledge is very important too. It means the conscious attempts of reminding the content of lessons, usage of the learnt constructions and new words.

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Lost knowledge from trainings urgently needed

 You take part in many trainings during your career, which develop your personal abilities, for example motivation workshops, interpersonal communication trainings and others. Probably you have been wondering, why coming back from the training you are full of enthusiasm, but after a few days it appears that you’re not able to repeat most of the exercises. Where have those new abilities been lost?

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On the edge of the incomprehensible

EggetsbergerDelpasse experiment part 1

Nothing is lost in the universe, nothing is destroyed – the only thing which is subordinated to changes is form. The whole matter consists of energy… Is the measured by us life energy a part of immortality? I would like to present the research coming from the classic biofeedback but beyond limits of modern science.

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Intuition driven to perfection

intuicjaWish, but with humility and peace and everything will come!

Sometimes in esoteric schools we hear that someone has “the third eye opened” or is a clairvoyant and we ask ourselves – is it possible to learn it?

Most of healers after long therapeutic practice have started to “see” past, future or contemporary events, which happen outside the field of view. Sometimes they see sicknesses or disturbances in energetic fields of people, animals, plants, stones or even regular things. In most cases such ability is a result of transferring knowledge received intuitively and extra-sensorily to the visual receptor.

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Move your eyes

Rusz oczamiIs it possible to get rid of squint in two days time? Can sight be improved from –13 up to –5 dioptres or even regained 100 % efficiency of seeing? Stunning, but such cases take place. Even if it is hard to believe, it is not the miracle, but the result of eyes gymnastics.

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To be "veggie" ? to be "jazzy"!

Vegetarianism is the criterion, by which we can recognize whether somebody’s aspiration to moral perfection is true and frank.

Lew Tołstoj

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Ken Page - The way of conscious life

Ken PageWho among us doesn’t dream about changing his life, to restore good relations with intimates, change the state of soul? Who doesn’t want to become someone better, more self-conscious and aware of relations between us and the world we are living in?

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Człowiek Guma


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